When should I clean my Glock?

Everyone has their own ideas about this, and most of them work just fine. I’ll begin by breaking this into two groups: pistols you carry for protection, and competition guns. For a Glock that you mainly just carry, the recommendation in the owners manual is about perfect. You don’t need much lube when a gun […]

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The Rest Of Us

I’ve been having some rambling thoughts about competition shooting, and thought I’d share them. First, do you know how many Grandmasters there are in USPSA? It’s a small number. And making GM doesn’t mean you’ll win a major shoot. Look at the results. The same 5 to 10 names are always on top. Occasionally a … More The Rest Of Us

Your big year

Have you noticed that some shooters that have been in the game a while don’t practice as much? Well, most top shooters I know had what you call a ” big year” at some point. That’s a year where you practice, dryfire, and enter every match you can afford. Whether its trap or pistol competition, … More Your big year