When should I clean my Glock?

Everyone has their own ideas about this, and most of them work just fine.

I’ll begin by breaking this into two groups: pistols you carry for protection, and competition guns.

For a Glock that you mainly just carry, the recommendation in the owners manual is about perfect. You don’t need much lube when a gun is seldom fired.

Now, competition guns are shot a lot. They get hot. When practicing they get even hotter! Even a Glock can use more lube in these conditions.

I like to use a grease and a liquid lube. Slide glide is my favorite grease and Mobil one 10w30w motor oil is my other choice for lube.

For a competition gun, I smear a little slide glide on each frame rail, upper and lower barrel lugs, and the end of the barrel, plus the guide rod. All of the other parts are lubed with Mobil One according to the Glock manual. If you have a Springfield 😄 or Smith & Wesson M&P, this should also work for those.

Generally, I’ll just relube with Mobil One every 200-500 rds. And do a complete cleaning every 1000, or before a big match.

If you shoot lead bullets, you need to clean the barrel thoroughly every 200 rds, even though Glock does not recommend lead in a stock barrel. With jacketed bullets, I don’t think it matters.

A bore snake is nice to have because it pulls some of the carbon out of the chamber, making rounds feed better.

Glocks are amazing. They will usually work with little care, but some good lube seems to make them run even better.


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