How do you practice? 

Let’s take practical pistol for example. On average, how many repetitions do you perform for each drill? 

I’m referring to competitors, not people that shoot twice a year. 

I must give all credit of this tip to champion Ben Stoeger. He wrote a short piece online that explained it perfectly. 

Our bodies and brains learn a skill like shooting by performing many reps of any skill.  Doing just a few doesn’t make it stick. 

If you go out and do a few reloads, some long and short range, barricade stuff, and movement in one session, it’s almost like no practice. You need the reps to improve. 

If you wanna get better at “shoot 2,reload, shoot 2”, a hundred rounds will help. Eight or ten not so much. 

So don’t try to practice everything. Pick a skill or two and do some real reps. 


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