Getting to know your pistol

If you’ve been here much you know how important dryfire is to increasing your skill level. But there are other things to do that are so easy, many shooters don’t even think about them.

Here’s the thing: try to have your pistol in your hand a few minutes daily.

You don’t have to pull the trigger or wear any gear. Just be sure it’s unloaded and no ammo is around, and place it near you. This could be at your computer, coffee table, or beside you watching TV.

Pick it up with a proper strong hand grip. Put it back down, and pick it up again. You can even try weak hand stuff

Rob Leatham once wrote he always has a gun on his desk to pick up and grip. It makes a difference I assure you.

The more the gun is in your hand, the better you will become at all shooting in general. So, make use of those annoying commercial breaks.


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