The Rest Of Us

I’ve been having some rambling thoughts about competition shooting, and thought I’d share them.

First, do you know how many Grandmasters there are in USPSA? It’s a small number. And making GM doesn’t mean you’ll win a major shoot.

Look at the results. The same 5 to 10 names are always on top. Occasionally a new face breaks into the ranks.

They work at it. Long and hard. Many others come close and stay there, or move on to other hobbies.

But what about the rest of us? We are the overwhelming majority. Probably 95 percent of us will never win a major. And some will never get past an IDPA expert.

Should we feel bad or let it stop us? Of course not. Put the time in you choose, and go to shoots. Do your best. Always try to improve. Dryfire is free you know.

We pump the money into the sport and keep it all going. Find the reason you compete and be happy with it. You can take any road you choose.

Keep burning powder and having a good time.


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