One pistol for everything

Many people purchase handguns for protection, but never plan to compete. But what if you’re thinking about it? You don’t want to end up with a monkey gun that hurts you in competition. And let me assure you, most of the near stock competition pistols are the best carry guns. Competitors will not tolerate junk. It has to work ALL the time!

The easiest divisions for a carry gun to fit is SSP, CCP, or BUG in IDPA. Same goes for the production division in USPSA. Look at the rule books online and you will see what’s allowed.

You can choose a double action pistol, and may shoot it well, but it isn’t the top choice in these sports.

Any of the striker fired polymer pistols will do. The Glock is the most popular, followed by the Springfield XD and Smith and Wesson M&Ps.

All of this is worth consideration and research before buying. Anything from a full size to a compact now has a division in IDPA. So, if you think you’d like to compete one day, spend a little time researching before you buy.


One thought on “One pistol for everything

  1. I can totally relate to this. I started shooting USPSA and Steel Challenge with a 6″ bbl GP-100. While I still really enjoy. Shooting my revolvers in USPSA, I’ve found my XDM to be a blast in Steel Challenge events. It also has a little more versatility in use, being chamber in .40. I can shoot it in major PF for USPSA, or load lighter loads for Steel, and have a ton of fun either way. Good advice!

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