Many people jump into practical pistol shooting and have lots of fun and do quite well. But in some cases they skipped a step. And that would be step number one: how to shoot a group close to your guns potential.

I learned from Brian Enos, in his book, that this is crucial. He even recommended from day one, to shoot off a rest, from sandbags. Or if u don’t have any, at least seated from some sort of table rest. Be sure to rest the butt of the gun on something soft, like a folded towel at least. Also your hands and wrists.

All you are doing is learning how to pull the trigger with a perfect sight picture, and shoot a tight group. You can do this standing later. And it’s a good way to begin a practice session. You’ll know your gun and sight adjustment is working well.

A good rule of thumb is one inch per 10yds in group size. Like 2.5 inches at 25 yds and 5 at 50. Some guns won’t shoot that well, so just try to shoot to your guns potential.

You can do this forever, always working towards a tighter group. Make it a small part of your practice always.


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