IDPA today

Since I started playing this game in 2000, I’ve seen lots of changes. Stage difficulty level is the most obvious. In a nutshell, monthly matches used to be easier for a beginner. Not so today.

You must be ready for some tough shots these days, and know your capabilities. One thing I’m seeing on the increase is shooting on the move. We just shot a match with 3 targets(one hardcover) at up to 16yds while retreating. I know enough to realize this is a nightmare for a beginner. I don’t agree with it, but you must learn how to do it.

First, you can move in super slow motion. If you need to, you better do it. If I halfway know a shooter, I can guess how they scored just by watching the speed they move and their split times.

The less experienced ones always seem to shoot it way too aggressive and drop lots of points.

The only fix is to practice moving and shooting live fire and then copy it in your dryfire practice. In dryfire you should be figuring out how to break the shot with a gun still as possible. It takes a lot of work on long shots too. Learn what you can get by with at 5yds versus 10.

It’s normal to drop a few ones on longer shots. But you can’t accept down threes and misses, or the dreaded non threat hit. And they love to use non threat targets these days!

So, go to the range and work it out. Dry fire will smooth things out and keep the pistol steady. Then you’ll be ready for those long shooting on the move stages.


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