Accuracy- part 2

If you are a beginner or just need accuracy work, I hope this part helps. After you’ve spent some time doing the things in the previous post, try standing with both hands, in your normal stance. Use an IDPA target or cardboard. Draw a small black dot in the center, or use a sticker, about … More Accuracy- part 2


Many people jump into practical pistol shooting and have lots of fun and do quite well. But in some cases they skipped a step. And that would be step number one: how to shoot a group close to your guns potential. I learned from Brian Enos, in his book, that this is crucial. He even … More Accuracy

Gun Safety

Originally posted on pistolsandtrap:
I think I need to repost this. I’ve seen things at matches that spook me lately. View video on gun safety to keep everyone safe and to ensure that you don’t get yourself disqualified!

IDPA today

Since I started playing this game in 2000, I’ve seen lots of changes. Stage difficulty level is the most obvious. In a nutshell, monthly matches used to be easier for a beginner. Not so today. You must be ready for some tough shots these days, and know your capabilities. One thing I’m seeing on the … More IDPA today