IDPA match tips

So, you’ve shot a few matches by now. Wouldn’t it be nice to make an easy jump upward in the results without practicing for years? Well, most shooters can faster than they think.

First, how fast is your reload? You may not achieve a 1.7 sec. slidelock load overnight, but it doesn’t need to take 8-10 seconds. And believe me, people can take that long.

Watch the videos here or anywhere and go dry practice some in slow motion. Once you are comfortable, go just a little faster. If you can do them at that speed 100% of the time, you will probably be under 4 sec. in a match.

The other huge factor is points. In IDPA you almost have to get close to 90 percent of the available points. Don’t think slow or fast. Just call the shot. Get the down zero.

A miss is 2.5 sec, but a failure to neutralize is 5 more. That’s 7.5 sec!!
A little more care in shot calling will prevent this.

Hit a smooth reload and get your points and watch those scores move up.


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