Is this America?

Just yesterday, I saw a man that was obviously homeless, dressed in rags, walking in the cold. I was at work and pushed for time so I couldn’t stop. But I should have. This should not happen in America. I’m sure that most of us have closets full of good clothes that we no longer … More Is this America?

IDPA match tips

So, you’ve shot a few matches by now. Wouldn’t it be nice to make an easy jump upward in the results without practicing for years? Well, most shooters can faster than they think. First, how fast is your reload? You may not achieve a 1.7 sec. slidelock load overnight, but it doesn’t need to take … More IDPA match tips

The true beginning

If you compete in any sort of pistol competition, you should know Brian Enos and Rob Leatham. If you don’t, shame on you. IPSC (and USPSA here in America) really started with them. Yes, Jeff Cooper founded it, but these two young guys basically taught themselves and then showed us how to shoot. Who in … More The true beginning