Simple things you can fix (IDPA)

Years ago national IPSC champ Rob Leatham was interviewed in a magazine and was asked about his practice before matches. Part of what he said was, “I don’t practice running, I already know how to run”.

That can be taken too far I suppose, but it is a good example of how we should work on the important parts first.

I see beginners that continue doing bad things that could be almost instantly fixed.

Here are a few:
1. Using a gun that is unreliable or needs work.
2. Not having a detailed plan on how to shoot the stage.
3. Moving too slow between positions.
4. Looking surprised when your gun is empty.
5. Mags not dropping free.
6. Taking forever to stow the mag on a retention reload.
7. Firing extra shots with no gain in total points.
8. Not having the pistol in position to shoot when arriving at the next firing point.

You can practice the draw until you are lightening fast and gain very little overall in a match. But if you fix most of the above your match finish will move up a great deal.

And no joke, I see people do ALL of them on every stage, for years!

I try to cover these errors in tips and videos on here. If you are still learning I promise fixing these things will help.


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