Dryfire cover drill

Here is an easy drill you can do in your home or shop.

As always check the gun several times to make sure it’s empty, and no ammo in the room. Also, no people in surrounding areas.

Place a target down a hallway or at least 4 or 5 steps(yards) from a doorway. The doorway is your cover.

Step back one long step from cover edge, where you can’t see the target.

From hands at side, draw and step to cover edge, get the sights on target and break the shot. Try 10 reps from left and right side.

Now, move three steps back from door and repeat. Are you coming in smoothly or is the gun bouncing around. Charging hard is ok but only if you can settle the sights quickly.

You can add a reload at any point for variation. Mix it up. Be aware of everything you see happening.


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