Christmas Fun

It’s important to teach safe gun handling at an early age. They may not all become lifelong shooters like me but they will remember the gun handling skills they learned in the short time they were on the range. Advertisements

Todd Jarrett

Todd was practicing at our local range in SC for the Steel Challenge in 2006. He is the nicest USPSA competitor I’ve ever met. He offered tips for free!


This blog is for the small guy, the everyday competitor and gun club member, and anyone that enjoys the shooting sports and would like to learn more. Before the internet most of us spent years sorting the good from the bad advice thrown at us. I’m not a paid pro, but I do know some … More Intro

Getting Started

The first thing to learn in any shooting sport is how to handle the gun safely, and how to act on a range with others. Your finger should always be out of the trigger guard if you are not engaging a target! I am an IDPA S.O. and see this rule broken too often. Another … More Getting Started